The millennial olive tree

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It is a treasure located in the surroundings of the Sierra de Aitana, in the area known as Racó de Felip or Sobirà in the municipality of Gorga, there is this peculiar olive tree that is more than 2000 years old, located in an olive grove in the heart of the Travadell Valley. For the neighbors it is a magical tree, impressive both for its size and its height, but what is most surprising is its legend. Although today it is terraced, centuries ago the locals decided to take advantage of the hollowness of its trunk to make a house inside the tree. Little by little they expanded some more rooms and a family lived there for years. Proof of this is the attached photograph, from the beginning of the 20th century, where the family appears with their house-olive tree. Today the log room remains with its door and windows, still a refuge for shepherds during stormy days. The trunk is spectacular, with a perimeter of 13 meters, inside there are benches where fifteen people can sit perfectly, as its owner Juan Ferrandiz Soriano has explained to us.  recognizes the effort of its owner to keep alive a unique specimen in Spain, sparing no hospitality to any traveler who wants to visit his olive tree and who synthesize something special such as being inside the heart of the tree because feeling its roof of roots, its new shoots and its freshness while looking out the window at the greenery of the Travadell valley, is a unique experience that is worth visiting. This enormous millenary olive tree still offers a great production of olives, more than 200 kilos of olives a year, which testifies that it is in good health. What is spectacular about the olive tree is a large interior room, which reminds us of the fantasy tales and fables of those who live inside a trunk.

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Olivera milenaria

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