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  • Cod (one loin)
  • Good olive oil
  • Dried peppers of the season



  1. The peppers are fried in abundant oil. It is important to crush them with the slotted spoon when throwing them into the pan, therefore it is advisable not to fry more than two at a time.
  2. They are allowed to brown, but beware! They are very delicate and should not be burned or left raw because then they do not become crispy.
  3. They are left to cool well, meanwhile the cod fillets are roasted over the flame, if there are embers much better.
  4. It is crumbled as well as possible, then the peppers are crushed well and mixed with the cod, abundant olive oil is added and it is ready to eat.
The Elche variant is that instead of peppers they do it with ñoras.

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